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Giant Tortoise Wearing a Turkey Costume Is the Best Thing We've Seen All Year

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Is your turkey defrosted? Are your pies baked? Is your giant Tortoise dressed in his turkey costume?

No to that last part? Well, @TikTok account @Etheltheglamortort has you covered in what may be the greatest Thanksgiving TikTok we have ever seen! Just watch!

Okay, Ethel the Tortoise wins Thanksgiving, hands down. Everything about this just brings us so much joy, the song, the costumes, this is next level Thanksgiving right here. 

@Thatgypsywillow nails all our thoughts with this comment, "This is beyond gold we have graduated to platinum, people. I'm falling in love all over again!" @Moab says, "This is the video I didn’t know I needed in my life until it popped up on my FYP." @tameka posts, "I didn’t know I needed this.. but wow I needed this." 

This really will solve SO MANY Thanksgiving problems too! Your gravy comes out lumpy? Just whip out this video to show everyone. Your uncle wants to argue about politics? Bust out this video. You don't feel like watching football? Just put this video on repeat. 

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all and especially Ethel the Tortoise! 

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