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Girl's Terrified Reaction to a Lizard Has the Internet Cracking Up

Animals are endlessly entertaining. Whether they're begging for food or playing with one another, there's so much to watch and enjoy. Even a reaction to an animal--instead of the creature itself--can cause quite a stir. Just ask @babspitre, who jumped on the opportunity to scare her daughter with the animal she fears most...lizards.

Yep, Babs' daughter Hannah is terrified of the tiny reptiles. Unfortunately for her, there happened to be one on the bottom of her chair, and her mama just had to have some fun with it. Though her daughter may have hated her momentarily, TikTok absolutely loves Babs for making this happen. It's just too much!

Oh my goodness, poor thing! We totally feel for Hannah here, even if we did let out a chuckle or two. So does commenter @d_ferrer, who wrote, "omg I know her pain this is not funny even though she’s laughing 🥺." Phobias are 100% real!

Babs got out of this one alive, though, so we think it's safe to say the mom-daughter duo is pretty close-knit. Hannah even popped into the comments to say, "hey that's me," so there's no shame here. In fact, she's owning it! She even put "the girl that hates lizards" in the bio of her TikTok account. LOL! We're just glad the scare didn't traumatize her too much.

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Meanwhile, the little lizard is absolutely chilling on the rocking chair. With the top-liked comment of the video, @mirandagoebel516, pointed out this exact thing. She wrote, "the lizard: 'why'd we stop rocking??' 😂," and we think she nailed it. The lil' dude seems more concerned about his relaxation than anything else.

"Girl had no fight or flight," commented @hmvilla. "She straight FROZE. The lizard just wanted to be rocked." He so did! We don't think Hannah and the lizard could've acted more oppositely if they tried. Just like @i_hate_imposters noticed, "the moment she realized 😵😂," was like the switch of a flip--no wonder her mama was dying! 

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