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Little Girl Dressed Like Her Favorite Animal Is Melting People's Hearts Online

We all remember the day that we realized we had a favorite animal. Maybe a trip to the zoo cemented Zebras as your number one — or perhaps it was Wilbur from “Charlotte’s Web” that won you over. It’s safe to say which animal is tops for one little girl on TikTok. As can be seen in a recent viral video where she was brought to tears by her love for these shy little guys.

Little Ezra was overwhelmed while in a very special costume recently. Thankfully the whole thing was captured in a video and shared online by her mother Ximena Fitch (@ximenafitch2). “Ezra baby, what are you?” her mother can be heard asking off screen. “A turtle,” Ezra responds in the sweetest little voice. Her reaction to being in the costume is too cute for words!

 Over 7 million people have watched Ezra’s video and many people agreed that she was the best turtle they’ve ever seen. “The cutest little turtle,” @brette.bahl wrote. “She's like, ‘hold up, why am I crying, I'm a freaking turtle,’” @ohno99 joked. “Those are happy tears from a happy turtle! Awww,” @dupeydonuts wrote.

Later in the thread, one commenter asked why Ezra was crying. To which, Fitch explained that she “wanted to keep petting it on the hanger and didn’t realize we were putting her IN IT..she was happy again when she saw herself in the mirror!” she wrote. "Toddler logic," she lamented.

In a second video, the mom showed a slightly happier Ezra in her turtle costume. This time she was practically glowing. "And now: The happy turtle," the mom wrote in the video's caption.

Is it strange that we're curious if they have these in grown up sizes? Asking for a friend.