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Girl Finds Stolen French Bulldog and Reunites Her With Human Mom in the Most Touching Video

There are heroes, and then there's @_thatdoggirl_, Dali. She not only found a French Bulldog who had been missing for 8 months, but she helped her reunite with her owner. As you can imagine, it was a joyful yet tearful day for everyone.

Luckily for us, Dali documented the entire process in a TikTok video, and there isn't a dry eye to be seen. If there's one lesson to be learned here, it's this: do not hesitate to microchip your pet--regardless of breed!

Thank you, Dali, for helping Harley and her mom find one another! We can see the relief and joy in her eyes. She must've had a hellish 8 months without her fur baby!

Commenter @earthtoemme couldn't help but notice, "the face of pure bliss 🥺," coming from them both. She wrote, "so happy for them." So are we! We honestly can't tell who's more excited to be back with their best friend.

"That is so amazing!!" said viewer @giorgio.bousdas. "Sadly I’ve heard about this happening more and more. I won’t let my dogs out of my sight. Wont even let anyone walk them." We don't blame you one bit! Some breeds, like French Bulldogs, are more frequent targets for theft, but we'd understand the concern no matter what breed your fur baby is. 

Of course, we know there will always be kindhearted people like Dali who will be an advocate for missing and rescued dogs. And these are the people we cannot possibly thank enough! 

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