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Girl’s Unexpected Reaction to Getting a New Pet for Her Birthday Is Priceless

The absolute joy of welcoming a new pet into your home is an experience unlike any other, but when that pet is a surprise? Well, grab the tissues! Even watching a stranger on the Internet meeting their new best friend can be enough to give the most stoic person a case of "allergies," but one recent TikTok has everyone asking, "Wait, what?"

When @latewithkate's daughter turned 12, this mama knew she had to set up a worthy surprise. Her family found the perfect pet for the birthday girl, but when the surprise is revealed, even viewers are taken aback.

Yes, you saw what you thought you saw--she got a betta fish for her birthday! The odd pantry location and over-the-moon reaction definitely threw us off, but we absolutely adore how happy and grateful she is to see her new friend. 

Were you surprised? Many of the commenters were, including @sarita1140, who wrote, "I thought it was going to be a puppy 💜." Judging by her sweet response to her new fish, so did we! But honestly, we're just happy she's happy.

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So is her mama, who replied, "After this reaction, I'm not sure her heart could handle the surprise of a puppy 😂." LOL! She does have a point. Her daughter was pretty darn excited as is. 

We capital-L loved @megslifeinutah's sweet comment. "Ohhhh!!!! Ohhhh! Please tell me she is gonna be a vet something… doc, tech, something. So much love." If that's not a perfect idea, we've never heard of one. This amazing girl would be the most empathetic, enthusiastic vet--AKA the perfect kind! Her mom was quick to agree, writing, "So much love inside that little body it’s insane." You're doing something right, mama! 

We think @sjdfla said it best, "Your girls just seem like the sweetest little humans 🥰." They most certainly do! 

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