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Video of Little Girl Giving Horses 'Nose Boops' Before Saying Goodbye Is As Good As It Gets

Kids and animals are always the winning combination. It’s just a proven fact. Which is probably why TikTok is going crazy over a little girl who has a special way of saying goodbye to a pack of horses every time she leaves their barn.

Perhaps some of us would wave goodbye to a group of horses, but that’s not this little one’s jam. As seen on the @theespressoclub TikTok page, the toddler has her own style – and yes, it’s just a wee bit untraditional. “She insists that she has to give them a goodbye *boop* on the nose whenever we leave and if that isn’t the cutest thing ever I don’t know what is,” her mom wrote in the video’s onscreen text. And yes, it’s just as adorable as described.

With over 570,000 views, other people agreed that this toddler’s boops were just the sweetest. “Cuteness overload,” wrote @y_hilo. “But she's like, completely right,” @fanthaismagoria joked. “Omg too cute,” @amandakelley509 gushed.

This isn’t the first time that the toddler took life at the barn into her own hands. In a previous video, her mom showed the toddler “putting hay in the barn," or… something like that. “Me just doing what I’ve been doing for years, when my toddler casually stopped by to tell me I’m doing it wrong and then showing me how to do it ‘properly,’” the mom joked in the video’s caption. 

Her little toss of hay at the end of the footage is just precious. We guess that when it comes to farm animals, you’ve got to let kids figure out their own way of doing things. Or as the mom wrote in the first video’s caption: “Can't deny the cuteness.”