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Little Girl's Pro Way of Giving Dogs Treats Is Too Sweet

There’s no denying that children and pets have a special bond. We don’t know how or when it starts, but it’s almost always there. And as much as we’re jealous, we love seeing their adorable relationships.

A recent example comes from TikTok user @cant_believe_its_butters. In this clip, a little girl named Haisley is giving treats to not one, not two, but three dogs! The way she commands them and their listening are truly unbelievable. You’ll wish you could do this with your pets.

O.M.G. This is so insanely impressive! How did she get these boys whipped into shape so well!? We need her to teach our dogs too. LOL! We love @kaitlinnicole21’s comment that reads, “Dog trainer in training.” YES! So cute!

“She’s not messing around!!!” said @acdcefhijklmnopqrstuv. No she is not! She had them all on their best behavior. Our dogs don’t even listen to us this well. LOL! “She did so well with her commands and they listen well too,” added @pumpkin_queen17. This clearly shows the little girl and these dogs have a really special bond. We love to see it!

“The one dog looking so embarrassed after getting called out for trying to eat Beau’s snack,” pointed out @monniferr. Aww! The dog was embarrassed because he didn’t want to disappoint the little girl. We wouldn’t want to disappoint her either. LOL!

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