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Dog Escapes the House and His Human Sister's Quick Reaction Is Going Viral

Dogs will be dogs, which means when they look out the front door and see another dog passing by, they can't help giving chase. A new TikTok video of a dog escaping and running out of the house is going viral, all thanks to how the pup's human sister reacted to the situation.

The clip was shared by @jessecandalria13, and with 2.9 million views, everyone is very impressed by this little girl's swift thinking. The footage was actually captured by a Ring camera, and you'll see the front door to the house open, and the dog runs out to greet the other pups passing by. Watch how the little girl handles things.

No wonder her mother is so proud! What a polite, sweet-natured girl she is. Obviously, her parents are raising her to be such a respectful young lady. Honestly, the pup, Lucky, seems to be pretty calm and friendly dog as well. People are so taken with this girl's manners and were quick to leave reactions to the video. @Jill Oliver550 said, "She is so CUTE!!!! And so is the sweet gentleman. I know she made his day!!" Another commenter, @Carrie added, "She has more manners and respect than most adults." Yes, yes, she does. (Sad, but true.) @Jay Jenkins agreed, saying, "She knows how to handle stressful situation better than 99% of adults."

Another @TikTok user, @Huxley, pointed out that this footage should serve as a good lesson: "She was so sweet! And he was so sweet to her. People should learn from this interaction. Kindness!! 🥰."

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We sure hope she was able to get Lucky back into the house ok. He's one very lucky dog to have a sister who loves him so much!

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