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Woman's Story About Getting Back the Dogs Her Ex Put Up for Adoption Gives Us All the Feels

Many relationships tend to lead to growing the family with fur babies. But it's important to set up a situation in the small chance the relationship ends. You need to know who will get the pet, just in case.

We wish that happened with TikTok user @chels.may21 before her and her ex split. Her ex took both of the dogs after they broke up. She paid for one and he paid for the other, but she didn't want the siblings to separate. And the result will put you in the feels. 

Aww! This story put us on such an emotional rollercoaster. We can't believe the ex took the dogs and put them up for adoption when he got a new girlfriend. How could he turn those fur babies away!? But we're so, SO glad this TikToker found them and was able to bring them back home. 

"This is so sad, pets aren't just disposable :( I'm so glad you got them back," commented @abbirb4. It's true, you can't just return a pet. That breaks them and they don't deserve that. @hpeterson94 said, "My bf and I both had dogs before we got together and I told him if we break up I’m taking both 😂." That's good to plan ahead! 

Another TikTok user, @Melli1226, wrote, "Those babies are right where they belong. I'm so glad you got them back ❤️❤️❤️." Retweet! And we just know those fur babies are behind happy to be back with her. 


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