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Video of 'Gluten-Detection Service Dog' in Action Has Us Pretty Impressed

There's no question that dogs are amazing creatures. They are protective, helpful and just the sweetest little things. Not to mention all the ways dogs can provide a service to their owners - guiding, hearing assistance, seizure response and mobility. The list goes on and on. And now, TikTok service doggo @sukipwd is showing us another way that dogs can provide a service that we haven't seen before. 

This service dog named Suki must have one heck of a nose because she uses it to guide her owner in making smart food decisions. As it turns out, Suki's owner has a gluten allergy. So whenever they go grocery shopping or out to eat, Suki is right by her side sniffing each item. Her fantastic skill has reached over 4.6 million views and 434.8K likes in a recent TikTok clip. You'll be amazed at how Suki gives the green light to her owner! 

WOW! We knew dogs have an amazing sense of smell but this goes above and beyond! Suki gives the cutest little bop if the food is safe to eat, but when she does detect gluten, she'll put her paw up as if she were saying "stop." Incredible!

TikTok users are simply amazed at how a dog can do this. As are we! @nesssbabyy commented, "Dogs are amazing. I still can’t believe all the different ways they’re able to help people. Wow!" Right?! There's nothing that they can't do! 

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Suki is clearly very smart and we'd love to see her in action one day! @StellaBellaBanana wrote what we were thinking, "I would be so excited to be a server & get to receive the nose boop of approval." That is better than any tip! This clip has got us thinking, too bad our dogs aren't this smart... @dradvocate2014 joked, "My dog would've been like 👀 and ate that." LOL! Who knows, maybe some proper training and they can be just like Suki! 

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