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Video of Goat Enjoying a Cool Swim During the Heat Wave Is Going Viral

We think we can all agree that it is hot out — really, really hot out. But while you might've headed to the pool or the beach for the day, it's important to remember our animal friends need a way to beat the heat too. Enter one person on TikTok from Zele, Belgium, who went the extra mile to make sure their goat got too cool down. 

We're sure that things get hot on the farm where TikTok user @t_leenhof lives, so it makes total sense that their goat was feeling toasty. "The weather is too hot for our goats," the video's text overlay reads. "So we took one to the pool," it continues. It's so soothing to watch the goat enter the water. The animal looks so happy as they splash around! Just look at the goat as they have a little swim. Too cute!

"So refreshing," the text overlay reads. "She wants more swimmings," it states. "Hot days on the farm," the video's caption reads. 

With over 2.6 million views, people in the comments section were loving the goats day in the pool. "This is how you care for your animals when needed," @madamediablo wrote. "Omg thank you so, so much, I really appreciate it when people treat animals like this," @mucho_mangoes praised. "Omg I love this little mergoat!!!" @angelaprincell joked. "This warms my heart when people take care of their animals," @jamiek1987 added. 

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In a previous video, the goat showed off her immaculate summer style too. "Summer vibes," the video's caption states. 

Now that's cool!

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