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Viral Video of Tiny Goat Enjoying a Tasty Snack Has People Captivated

Everything is cuter when a baby does it. And that includes baby animals too! Which probably explains just why so many people have fallen in love with a TikTok video of a baby goat eating a snack. It's just so adorbs. 

Jessica Soto (@jessicasoto729) runs Graceful Farm Sanctuary, a rescue center that all sorts of animals call home. One of the animals that regularly appears on Soto's page is a baby goat named June Bug. And boy oh boy, did June Bug recently make a splash online. The footage shared by Soto shows June Bug muchin' and crunchin' on a piece of apple. Now normally, we don't like it when someone eats with their mouths open, but when June Bug does it... well, see for yourself. It's too cute!

The video has since been watched over 11 million times and people were obsessed. "Why is it cute when he does it but not when my husband does it," @yruaskingme wondered. "When you hate the sound of loud, human chewers but you watch this 100 times because it’s precious," @carlab115 joked. While a third commenter put it this way: "The way I feel about his little chewing sounds are the way I feel about my 1-year-old biting into something, it’s so freaking cute," @elysemyers explained. 

If it seems like people were clamoring for more June Bug, they were. Thankfully, Soto gave them more of what they wanted and shared a second video of the kid chowing down. "He was not satisfied with tonight’s snack," she wrote in the video's caption.

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We could probably watch hundreds of videos of June Bug eating and never get tired of them. Or as one commenter put it, he's "CUTE AS CAN BE."

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