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Goat’s Reaction to Getting Her Very Own Arm Chair Is Just Too Sweet

Every animal, big or small, deserves a cozy spot all their own. Whether that means a comfy crate or, in this case, a padded armchair, there's no reason we shouldn't let our furry companions indulge.

One lucky little diva goat was gifted her very own armchair after becoming attached to her humans’ couch, and Tiktok is living for it. Lily grew up living inside the house with Alexa from Friendly Fields Farm, (@alexabmurray), but when she grew too big for indoor privileges (including the sofa), her humans knew they had to do something about it. So they got Lily a comfy chair of her very own! We can’t get over her cute reaction upon seeing it.

We adore how curious little Lily is, but we also got a good chuckle out of her multitasking! Commenter @jenhoran2 also noticed that while she was exploring her new arm chair, she got “so excited she pooped.” OMG! We’re just glad Alexa got a video of that gorgeous chair before Lily gets excited on it instead of near it. 

The instant that baby girl hopped up on her throne, we were left wondering why more animals don’t get old arm chairs. They’re so comfy and cute, and there’s no harm done when they get ruined, either. Better yet–let’s take @kellydotcom14’s idea: Friendly Fields Farm “should get a customized throw pillow for the chair!” Bonus points if it has Lily’s face on it! 

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There’s so much to smile and laugh about in this video, but the work Friendly Fields Farm does with rescue animals is seriously amazing. Yes–Princess Lily is a rescue! “Thank you for being so in tune with what will make her more comfortable,” wrote another user, and, honestly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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