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Video of Goat Spinning Candy Machine to Get Food Is Unbelievable

If you've ever been to a petting zoo, you might've run into a little candy machine filled with food for the animals. You put in a quarter, spin the dial and out comes the food you can use to feed the animals. But now, these animals are getting a little too smart for us because they know exactly where the food source comes from. 

TikTok user @meganharrah4 showed us how one of the goats on the farm is outsmarting us. Someone in the video put in the quarter to the machine and the goat was right there, ready to take over. It's seriously too hilarious for words!  

LMAO! We can't get over this. It's no wonder the clip has over 28 million views! How the heck did the goat learn to do this?! It's downright impressive. "If I hadn't have seen it, I wouldn't have believed it!! 😮😂😂😂," said @jennsickies. SAME! We honestly still don't believe it after watching this! 

@Blackfeather wrote what the goat was thinking, "Just inset the quarter. I'll take it from there 😅." LOL! This is exactly what was going through the goat's mind. He's got it all figured out, just needs someone to throw in the coin! 

Another TikToker @engravedbydesign commented, "They gonna be robbing gum ball machines for the quarters soon! 😂." Hey, we wouldn't put it past them! Animals are waaaay smarter than we give them credit for. 


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