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Goat Makes Hilarious 'New Sound' and People Just Can't Get Enough

Goats already have a bit of a reputation for being funny AF, but one goat named Uno is here to up the game with his amazing talking abilities. From more traditional bleats to entirely new...sounds, Uno can make them all. He's the star of @formaxfarm's TikTok account, and it's easy to see why. 

We weren't surprised to see his viral video, especially once we heard his hilarious new vocalization. His mama's laughing just makes it ten times better!

LMAO! We definitely haven't heard a goat (or any animal, for that matter) make this sound before--it's just too much! We had to watch the clip a few times just to soak it all in, but if you ask us it gets funnier each time. 

"He sounds like Chris Tucker in that one scene off of Rush Hour," noticed commenter @briaarene. OMG, we will never un-hear that! We also got a chuckle when @gregtheblinddog wrote, "Omgggg! He DOES sound like Kevin Heart!!!" Oof! We're going to need a minute to recover after that one. But maybe that's why @missestandme thinks that "it always sounds like goats are people trapped inside an animal and they are trying to tell us." Yes! They sound so human-like sometimes that it's scary.

Still, the most relatable comment came from @heapsgoodmerch. They thought Uno sounds like "when someone stops me mid-sneeze," and it's so true! Interrupted sneezes can take so long to finally happen, but it feels so great when they do!

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