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Goat Sweetly Smiles for the Camera in Video We Can't Resist

Everyone loves a pretty smile. We like to be complimented on them, and they do so much to brighten the days of the people around you. One farm animal was showing off her killer smile in this awesome video.

TikTok user @leamangreenapplebarn recently shared a video of one of the goats on her farm, Pumpkin, smiling all pretty for the camera. The video is just to die for, and we can't resist smiling back at this sweet goat! Check out the video of Pumpkin below to brighten your day.

OMG, this is precious. In the caption, Pumpkin's mom says that it's picture day, and we can tell Pumpkin is ready to have her photo snapped! When those photos are developed, we'll need a wallet size copy so we can carry it with us everywhere.

People in the comments are amazed at just how picture-ready pumpkin is. @dhayes1016 said, "Pumpkin is so photogenic!" and @arosehumphrey commented, "How stinking precious!" We could look at Pumpkin smiling all day!

Others cracked a few jokes about Pumpkin's grin. @i_wlson commented, 'She’s like, "Did you take the picture already? My face hurts." I love it, LOL." and @jen_3131 said, "Lmao! Those bottom teeth are funny though!" It kind of looks like Pumpkin is rocking a new set of dentures!

We just can't get enough of this video. Pumpkin is grinning ear to ear, and no one can dull her sparkle! It's wonderful to see the animals on this farm are so happy and well taken care of. We can tell they receive plenty of love!

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