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People Think Woman's Goat Sounds Just Like Kevin Hart and We Can't Stop Laughing

Animals can be quite vocal creatures. Between birds saying full-on phrases to a cat's meow sounding like hello, we thought we heard it all. Until now. As it turns out, animals can sometimes sound like famous celebrities. Add impersonations under the list of amazing things animals can do! 

TikTok user @formaxfarm was sitting next to her goat named Uno when she decided to break some news to him. She told Uno what TikTokers were saying he sounded like and well, we have to agree! Listen and decide for yourself if this goat sounds like a famous comedian and actor. Then check out Uno's reaction because it's priceless! 

O.M.G. Y'all heard that right?! This goat absolutely, 100% sounded like Kevin Hart. LOL! "I can't unhear it now," wrote @Katie Keeling293. Same here! 

TikTok users seriously can't stop laughing at how similar this goat sounds to the comedian. @FunAFmom said, "Bro I’m dead af. You know Kevin Hart saw this and was dying of laughter I mean there’s no way he didn’t." Right?! People keep tagging Kevin Hart in the comments so he must see it eventually. And when he does, we need a reaction video! They're even tagging The Rock so he can poke fun at his bestie. LOL!

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"He is like, 'The disrespect,'" commented @Noemi Mtz. Seriously, Uno was not a fan of it. Ha! The creator responded by saying, "Yea he kicked me 😂😂😂." Maybe that's because Uno knows he doesn't sound like Kevin Hart, but rather, Kevin Hart sounds like him! 


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