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Goat’s Annoyed Protest Over Not Getting Enough Attention Is Downright Comical

There's no way around it; goats are downright entertaining. From climbing random objects to larger-than-life personalities, there's just so much to adore. And so much to laugh at! 

As sweet and gorgeous as he can be, Cardamom the goat can be a little...dramatic. Maybe that's just his vibe, but it's downright hilarious and needs to be shared with the world. Thankfully, his caretakers think so, too. They love to share his antics on his TikTok account, @cardamomthegoat, but one of his recent videos has us laughing so hard.Goats are known to make some interesting sounds, but Cardamom's call for attention is next level. Check it out!

If you also looked around to make sure there wasn’t a person screaming, you’re not the only one–Cardamom sounded human! According to @jessicawilliam3216, he “sounds like Will Farrell lol” and honestly we can kind of hear it! We certainly didn’t expect that, and neither did @kikifaniel, who commented, “wait....this is how they really sound?” 

“Yeah!!” Cardamom’s personal assistant responded. “Not all goats but a decent amount of them scream and spit and make all of these weird noises 😂 just makes you love them more!” BRB, about binge screaming goat videos.

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We’re super glad we weren’t the only ones to find this so funny. @melaniecal5 wrote, “Oh I see now, THIS is why people that live in the country don’t call the police.” No kidding! 

No, really. This next commenter isn’t kidding: “I had a nanny goat hollering so bad one day the neighbors called the sheriffs department bc they thought a kid was being tortured! 😳😂” Oh. My. Goodness. We’d be so embarrassed if that were our goat! After we recover from the laugh attack, of course. 

“OMG I need more videos of him 🤣” wrote @chezalaw. We certainly hope Cardamom and his TikTok team take this request to heart, but until then, we’ll be coming back to this video quite frequently. 

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