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Viral Video of Goats Chomping Away on Tomatoes Couldn't Be More Satisfying

We've all been there before where we're so hungry that we end up ugly feasting. You know what we mean - eating so fast that you can't catch a breath, crumbs fill the table as your sauce-filled hands and mouth go in for more. Animals do it too but for some reason, it's cute when they do it. But for us, it's just gross. LOL! 

For example, TikTok user @ryleeranch posted a video of his goats going in on their food. They do the same thing as us - eating with no manners. But for some reason, TikTokers still find this video satisfying and adorable, which is why the clip has over 17 million views and 2.6 million likes in the first few days. Ok, ok, we can't be mad because after watching, we completely agree. It's way cuter than watching any human chow down! Trust us, you won't be ready for how perfect this video is. 

Why did it take this long in our lives to see a video of goats eating tomatoes? Because this is EVERYTHING! You can't not smile while watching this clip, even with all the tomato juices flying around. We agree with who wrote, "Goats eating tomatoes are my new fav thing." Yes, x100!  

"They're giving me drunk after a club vibe lol," said @Kristy peach. This is definitely how people eat, shoveling in food after a night out. Heck, this is how we eat during the day too when we're too hangry to function. LOL! @brooklynbundad commented, "I love how they tilt their heads up to try and get as much of the juice as possible!" Good to the very last drop! 

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This video even caught the attention of Target and the store's official TikTok account, @target, commented, "How ketchup is made." LMAO! We honestly wouldn't be upset if this were the case! 

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