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Golden Retriever Politely Begs the Neighbors for Treats in Video We Can't Resist

Golden Retrievers are some of the friendliest pups around, so it's no surprise when they make friends with everyone in the neighborhood. This sweet pup who begs his neighbors for a snack is no exception!

Maverick is a smart pup, and in the video posted on TikTok by @maverickthegolden, we can see him plot to get a treat from his neighbors! Maverick's family and their neighbor have a balcony that is separated by a low wall, so Maverick saw the perfect opportunity to ask for a little nibble of their dinner. He stood with his paws on the ledge of the wall so the neighbors could see his irresistible puppy face, and he made it clear what he was after by staring intently at their food. This Golden did not hesitate to execute his plan, and he is so happy it was a successful operation!

Maverick was so grateful for his treat! You could see his tail start to wag faster and faster as the neighbor approached, and it's just so cute how excited he was.

The comments in the video seem to be in a consensus: Maverick is just precious. Within a sea of heart emoji comments, several people said they wished they were Mavericks neighbor so they could feed him treats every day. Who wouldn't want this chance?

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Other's commented on Maverick's appearance. @casualobserverr said, "That’s like the most perfectly groomed dog," and @dankpapa commented, "He’s so fluffy." Maverick really is the package deal: adorable and a great dinner guest!

We think in the future, Maverick should simply receive a formal dinner invitation every night so he can be sure to eat his share of the neighbor's meal.

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