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Proud Golden Retriever Brings Home an Unexpected and Unwelcome Surprise for Mom

One dog mom found a very unexpected guest in the house thanks to her Golden Retriever named Harley, and the result has us LOL’ing. TikTok user @debmanlock just shared this amazing video of the unwelcome guest a day ago, and it’s already brought in over 1.2 million views and 221.2K likes. 

The clip shows her dog standing at the bottom of the stairs, wagging his tail in excitement, but it also looks like he is a little guilty. Uh oh, this can’t be good. The mom starts getting closer. She notices Harley is holding something in his mouth so she starts chasing him out of the house. Whatever it is, it shouldn’t be in the house. Aww, the poor pup just wanted to show mom his latest catch! 

Wait, wait, wait. ANOTHER bird?! Omg. How in the heck did Harley catch not one bird, but two. LOL! That’s unreal. We aren’t the only ones who are amazed by this dog’s catch. TikTok user @Anitta DeMoor asked, “How on earth does your dog manage?😂 the stealth it requires…😅 I mean that’s impressive.” Seriously, the quickness needed for this is on another level. Our dog could never! 

"The 'Is that ANOTHER bird' really got me💀," said @chantalcf. LMAO! How many times has Harley done this?! And when are the birds going to learn to not go near this house because of this dog?! 

“My dog retrieves too but it’s just socks 😂. I would be maniacal if my dog came in with a bird…” wrote @Hank the golden retriever. Ha! The creator responded by saying, “Normally, it’s pillows, socks, slippers, blankets anything that’s not an animal! I always say thank you when he brings me these things.” HA! So all the ‘thank yous’ led Harley to think he needed to bring bigger and better for his momma. Maybe she needs to start saying ’no thank you,’ LOL!