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Golden Doodle's Sweet Bond With Baby Boy Gives Us All the Feels

There is absolutely nothing sweeter than the bond between a dog and newborn baby. Dogs love to cuddle and protect newborns, and the bond the dog forms with the baby during this time means the kid will grow up with a furry best friend. It's the best.

In a TikTok video posted by @adoodnamedmassimo, we get to see a Golden Doodle and young baby boy become best friends through a series of photos taken over the course of the baby's life. The two have been inseparable since the baby was brought home from the hospital, and this video is an adorable glimpse into their unbreakable bond!

It is just so cute how the Golden Doodle allows the kid to climb on top of him! The love and patience the pup has for his best friend is too sweet.

The people in the comments of this video are just eating it up! @papa1morris commented, "This has literally raised the bar for cuteness. There is nothing better than seeing a baby smile and laugh. You and your wife are blessed!!" Everyone seems to agree that this bond is beautiful and everlasting. @doodlemom61 said, "Omg a baby and a doodle!!! So beautiful! They will be bffs forever!!!" Many people are posting comments about their love for the Golden Doodle breed as well. @dawn_griffith said, "Too cute! I have a doodle too and he is literally the best dog ever!" and @katiebryan46 commented, "So cute. I have 2 doodles and they are the sweetest dogs we’ve ever had."

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This is truly such an adorable bond, and we can't wait to see what cute pictures their parents post next!


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