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Golden Doodle's First Visit to a Children's Hospital Is So Sweet We Can't Even

Dogs are truly magical creatures. Their warmth, compassion, and love can work wonders by lifting spirits and creating joyful memories. This is why dogs are often brought to traumatic settings, such as shelters and hospitals. One Golden Doodle was brought to his local children's hospital to bring some happiness to their day, and the outcome was magical.

TikTok famous Golden Doodle, Brody, recently posted a video to his account, @brodiethatdood, documenting his first trip to Summerlin Children’s Hospital. In the video, Brody's owner carries him in a backpack and brings the pup into many rooms where sick children are staying. A visit from Brody was exactly what so many of these kids needed to cheer them up. Watch the video to see how many smiles Brody caused during his visit.

This is just too sweet. Brody brought so many happy moments to people who needed it the most. In the TikTok caption, Brody's owner called this experience "the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever been a part of," and shows how easy it can be to make a positive difference in someone's life.

People in the comments of the video thought this was a wonderful gesture. @haleygoff1 said, "As someone who works in a children's hospital as a nurse… thank you! You will never know how much these moments mean to these sweet kiddos!" Another user, @user6510532797631, commented, "Dogs are so healing. So beautiful to see the smiles of these children and nurses. You are both a blessing." Brody's visit likely meant more to these kids than we could possibly imagine.

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Others shared their own experiences with visits from dogs while in the hospital. @riderich417 commented, "When I was in the hospital for 6 weeks, the visits from the dogs helped me so much. Bless you for visiting the children," and @emcrim7117 said, "Each time I was in the hospital having brain surgery, a golden named Ginger would visit me. 16 years later, I remember the joy she brought us." Acts of kindness such as these are remembered fondly for a lifetime.

We hope this is an activity that Brody continues to do. It is clear how much this visit meant to these kids, and we can only imagine how much more joy he could bring with continued visits.

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