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Golden Doodle Puppy’s First Trip to the Beach Doesn’t Quite Go As Planned

If you've ever taken your dog to the beach, they either love it or hate it. There's no in-between. Some pups could run on the sand all day long and roll around in it, which unfortunately means going home will be a sandy nightmare. Or they might like playing fetch in the water and riding the waves. Then there are dogs who absolutely hate everything about the beach. The sand, the waves, the people. But you'll never know what kind of beach babe your dog is until you take them. 

It started off as smooth sailing for TikTok doggo @eddietheminigoldendoodle during his first trip to the beach. The Mini Golden Doodle pup was bouncing in the sand, running full speed ahead. He got a little too ahead of himself as he was sprinting towards the water. His giant leap for dog-kind didn't go as planned. And because of that, it's safe to say that Eddie is definitely not a water dog!

LOL! Eddie thought he had the whole beach life figured out, but the water part really through him for a loop! @user irene pointed out, “His launch was so confident 🤣.” Aww! That might be the last time he walks around so confidently! 

This kind of reminds us how some parents teach their kids how to swim - just throw them in! “How to learn to swim in 3 easy steps 🤣,” said @mrbluesky1966. Ha! Or how to learn to never swim again in one easy jump? “Eddie realized he in fact did not like swimming 😂,” wrote @Clairabella. Hey, swimming isn’t for everyone!

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Poor Eddie! The jump into the ocean must’ve really terrified him because he’s still scared of water.

Aww! Maybe one day he’ll finally get the hang of swimming! Until then, this family might want to stick to land-based activities.

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