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Golden Retriever With His Own 'Lululemon' Backpack Is Quickly Going Viral

On this canine edition of "TikTok made me buy it," we're going to introduce you to the cutest little backpack you ever did see...and its even cuter model! Maui the Golden Retriever is no stranger to accessories, so when his human mama saw this tiny Lululemon backpack, buying one for her baby boy was a no-brainer. 

Nearly 7 million views and 730 thousand likes later, she must be glad she went and got one. Maui looks absolutely darling with his little backpack! The cuteness doesn't even end there though. You'll just have to watch and see!

Good boy, Maui! He was so well-behaved in the store and while getting dressed--we just hope he got some treats out of the deal! We do have to admit, though, that we agree with @ur_mughm that "His face while putting [on] the cap 🤣" is pretty funny. He's just so smooshy and cute; we couldn't help but laugh!

Commenter @annaacraig got a chuckle out of us, too, but for a way more relatable reason. She wrote, "when a dog will carry a bag but a man will still ask u to put his stuff in your purse," and we are still catching our breath from laughing so hard. Maybe tiny backpacks for humans will be next! 

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People like @bengalicookingshow wouldn't be opposed to the idea. "The dog has better accessories than me," they wrote. Honestly--same. We wouldn't be opposed to stepping up our backpack game, especially with dogfluencers like Maui for inspiration.

We do have to admit, this backpack would be a bit small to help out most people. For this athletic Golden Retriever, though, it's perfect! He doesn't have much to carry anyways, and his ball is definitely "precious cargo," as @chasin_chester puts it. Maui and his mom have their priorities straight! 

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