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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Meeting Her New Puppy Sister Gives Us All the Feels

Who doesn't get excited about a new puppy? They're playful, cuddly, and as cute as can be! Even Ellie the Golden Retriever, who goes by @elliegoldenlife on TikTok, got a major case of the wiggles when she met her baby sister, another Golden girl named Emma. 

Their human dad Kevin set up the cutest meet-up for the sisters, and the result is this sweet viral video. In the first few seconds of the clip, Kevin is seen walking up with the puppy in his arms; then the helper behind the camera unclips Ellie's leash so she can say hi!

Our hearts can't take the cuteness! Emma doesn't seem afraid of her big sis in the slightest, and Ellie is just so gentle. This is the beginning of an amazing sisterly bond, without a doubt. We 100% agree with the most-liked comment of the video from @sophie_6.24_isthebest, "Omg this is the cutest! 🥰." It really, really is. Kevin is one lucky dog dad!

He's also a dog dad who educates himself and makes the smartest choices for his fur babies, which is apparent in the way he brings together the girls. "The best way to introduce outside love seeing awesome K9 training," wrote @northerngirl2511. "You are awesome 👏." We second that! 

Another commenter, @..wrldx, brought up an awesome question: "Why couldn’t the baby dog go onto the ground?" Though the replies debated the details of antibodies and the ways to keep puppies safe, Ellie and Emma's dad replied with his strategy. "Emma doesn't have all of her antibodies yet, so we have to be cautious when outside." Smart move! When in doubt, a veterinarian can tell you where a new pup can and can't go--then you can help them meet their big sibling, too!

When both pups are feeling good and happy to meet one another, it's "the best feeling ever." We totally agree with @babybearyuki, who "can’t wait to see what their adventures will look like 🥰." They're going to be adorable, that's for sure!