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Golden Retriever Riding Water Flyboard Is Cooler Than We'll Ever Be

Even though the winter weather has just recently come along, we’re already reminiscing on summertime. We miss the longer walks and hikes we’d go on with our dogs. And the fact that they could swim in the water. Life is just better when the sun is shining!

The good news is that TikTok user @jeff_gazzola has given us a glimpse of what we can be doing with our dogs next summer and we already can’t wait. In his recent clip, this TikToker is out flying above the water with with his Golden Retriever. Let’s just say this dog is cooler than we’ll ever be. 

O.M.G. We’ve seen dogs in the water surfing or paddle boarding before, but this is a whole new level! It’s not every day you get to see a flyboard, let alone a dog on a flyboard. We’d pay to see these two in person!

“This dog is living a better life than me,” wrote @ralphieee17. Safe to say this dog is living a better life than all of us. LOL! “He’s like, ‘I’m flying!!!’” commented @desiraemohr. He has the biggest smile on his face! “He is loving that,” added @prettygirl4u757. You can’t deny that he’s have the time of his life!

As much as we want to try this, we think we’d be too scared! But other TikTokers are all for it. @dreamjobclub said, “I need to do this.” Are they offering lessons for us and our dogs? LOL!

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