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Video of Dog Protecting Toddler As She Goes Down the Slide Gives Us All the Feels

Your dog is always there for you. And judging by a video that's gone viral on TikTok, they're always there for your kids too! Including a Golden Retriever named Taco from Washington D.C., who was so cautious when his favorite human went up the playground slide steps that he refused to take his eyes off of her. Don't we all wish that we had a pup like Taco around?

Taco and his one-year-old sister Vanora are almost inseparable. They go everywhere together and have been bonded ever since Vanora was born. This includes the playground, where Vanora is just a bit unsure on her feet. In the video shared on the @mostlyadorable TikTok page, Taco follows her all the way to the slide and then totally unleashes his papa bear instincts. "My dog watching over my baby going down the slide," the text overlay reads. Just look at how protective he is!

"He thinks he’s got everything under control," the caption reads. 

The video has since been watched over 3.5 million times and people were so impressed. "He’s looking back at you guys like 'I got dis,'" @kimmiboo21 teased. "Sooooo your dog is basically the parent in this family so cute though how excited he is awww," @rachaelleclerc92 wrote. "He is literally a proud parent," @hillarypalmer152 agreed. "That dog is legitimately better at supervision than I am and I have thumbs lol," @iambea joked. 

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These two have the sweetest relationship. Vanora must feel so protected and loved. Plus, she'll always have a buddy at the park. 

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