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Mama Golden Gets Chased by Her 14 Puppies and Moms Can Totally Relate

No matter how much you love your kids, we can all admit that sometimes you just need a break. That goes double for one Golden Retriever mom, who seemed a little overwhelmed by her 14 puppies in a video that's gone viral online. 

To be fair to the Golden Retriever, Liz, it's possible that she was playing a game. But it sure looked like she was trying to get a little time away from her pups. "Run Liz!" her owner Jennifer Packer (@jenniferpacker) can be heard saying from off-screen. Packer could barely contain her laughs as the litter of puppies followed Liz from one corner of their garage to the next. Can't this dog mama get a break? 

People in the comments could feel Liz's pain. "She needs a day off," @attagirl37 wrote. "She said those aren't mine," @pitbullchihuahualover quipped. "Soooo cute! Momma is like can I just get a second," @hdbrosriley agreed. "She really said 'what have I made?!'” @therobloxttsquad_real joked. 

And other people were just stunned by the number of pups the mom had. "DID ALL OF THOSE COME FROM HER," @evawillauer asked. "How does she have all those puppies?" @simbajames0 wondered. 

Later in the thread, Packer explained that the video was actually taken in 2014 and that Liz was fixed soon after the video was recorded. "The mama in this video is now 11 years old and has been well loved and cared for," she explained. "She was such a good mama!!" she added.

We feel you Liz. No matter how good of a mama you are, parenting isn't easy. Here's hoping this mom got the break she so clearly deserved.