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Golden Retriever's Graduation From Puppy Kindergarten Is Too Cute to Resist

It's not everyday that your dog graduates from puppy school. But when they do, you seriously gotta celebrate. For a Golden Retriever puppy named Levi, his owners took to the internet to show off his brand new credentials. And you'll be seriously impressed when you see all that Levi's learned in his time in Kindergarten.

The esteemed student showed off all his new tricks on his TikTok page @luvman23. According to the video's onscreen text, Levi graduated with honors in "sitting, staying, and being a good boy. He would like to thank his humans for their unwavering support and his trainers for their limitless treats," the text reads. "Off to grad school next!" We're a sucker for a dog in a graduation cap, so watching Levi in his full graduate dress was too cute.

Levi's quasi-commencement speech has since gone viral, attracting over 477,000 views. It seems like no one could wait to praise the pup for his big achievement.  "I think a congratulations and treats are in order!!" @molly.kota wrote. "Kindergarten to grad school? A genius," @bsulisy joked. "Being handsome wasn’t a category?? Because he gets a high distinction for that," @sh_turner teased. "The best ceremony I’ve attended, congrats Levi!" @aperalta.x added. 

If you're dying for more Levi content. Elsewhere on Levi's page, the pup detailed his *very* busy schedule and it was so adorable. Amongst his several varied and important tasks Levi has breakfast, sitting on the couch, and staring out the window on his daily agenda. "A very busy day in my life, enjoy," the caption reads. 

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They grow up so fast don't they? Next thing you know, he'll be looking for a job. 

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