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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Amazon Package Surprise Is the Absolute Sweetest

Who doesn’t like getting a package in the mail? Admit it, even getting a package of sponges is sort of a treat. (Kidding. Sort of.) On TikTok, one Golden Retriever definitely got something pretty special in his latest delivery: a brand new puppy brother!

We’ve heard of a baby coming by stork, but never via Amazon Prime. It looks like the joke's on us, however, as can be seen in the footage on Vicki Molnar (@vickimolnar’s) TikTok page. The video shows the Golden, Walker, getting a very special present. “Brought home a baby brother for our Golden boy,” Molnar wrote in the video’s onscreen text. As soon as the Amazon box was placed in front of Walker, he began to investigate, but he needed a little help seeing the special present that was inside. Watch how he reacts when he sees what's in there.

Aww! SO sweet! People could sense how excited Walker and his new brother Waylon were. “He’s like: ‘for ME??? you shouldn’t have!!’” @christinacordill wrote. “He just can’t believe it, look at him,” @sylt.ovean remarked. “THEIR TAILS, ahhh dogs are just gifts from heaven,” @lightyque chimed in. “The dog be like: Thanks, dad, for finally let me have a dog,” @favoriteskateclips joked.

Later in the caption, Molnar explained that they decided to add Waylon to the family after a loss earlier this year. “Our Golden was so sad when his sister had to leave us (only have her part time) brought him a surprise home…and so begins a new friendship,” she wrote. And in a second part of their story, mom even shared a video of the two pups snuggling shortly after Waylon arrived.

“They really love each other,” she explained. We can tell! These two are definitely going to be friends for life.