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Golden Retriever's Blatant Annoyance Over New Puppy Wins the Internet

Many older sibling knows that new members of the family aren't always welcome as openly as their parents would like. They're not happy to be sharing their parents attention, and they will usually ignore their younger sibling at first. One dog felt this way about his new puppy sister and his reaction to meeting her is too funny.

TikTok user @autumnbungum recently shared a video of her Golden Retriever, Copper, meeting his new sister, a Dachshund puppy named Honey. In the video, Copper is sitting in the car next to his mom and new sister, very clearly doing his best to ignore both of them. The annoyance at the situation is clearly written on his face, and it is too funny! Check out the video to see Copper's reaction to his baby sis.

LOL, Copper was sure to let his mom know that he was displeased with this new family development. Copper was probably wondering why they needed another dog when he was already perfect!

People in the comments thought this was hilarious and knew Copper would be plotting solutions. @bwes26 said, "Copper said take her back," and @chicken_mom1 commented, "He's already packing his bags." Others speculated what Copper might have been saying in that moment. @accidentalhaiku commented, '"All future conversations should go though my lawyer,"' and @kevinmonzalvo imaged Copper said, '"Just drive."' He was not happy!

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Never fear readers. Copper eventually warmed up to Honey. Their mom posted a second video of them snuggling together in the backseat of the car. The video below shows this adorable development in their relationship!

People seemed to agree this was classic dog behavior. @akafumbledore said, "I think once they finally find out they’re not being replaced, they’re all good." Another user, @adammarshall253rd commented that Copper was "just showing who was boss real quick." Smart move from Copper. Let them know to check with him next time any family decisions are made, but this one can stay for now.

We love how Copper went from indigent older brother to snuggling up with his little sister. This evolution is every parent's dream! Copper and Honey are such an adorable new duo.

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