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Gym-Goers Get Whipped Into Shape by Adorable New Golden Retriever Coach

It’s difficult to find the motivation to go to the gym when your couch is calling your name. You’d much rather plop down after work and turn on your new favorite Netflix show to binge for the rest of the night. So how do you get yourself to the workout? Sometimes all it takes is just one really good coach that will get you to change your mindset.

For us, we'd start going to the gym if Coach Boone, aka @golden_boy_boone on TikTok, was our personal trainer. He’s not a coach you’d expect at the gym. But he really knows how to turn heads when he walks into the room. (Not in a fearful way.) Although, we definitely wouldn’t want to disappoint this coach. He’s more of a motivator than anything. Trust us, you’d want this good boy as a coach, too!

AWW! We weren’t expecting a Golden Retriever to be the coach! But he’s definitely up there for the best coach we’ve ever seen! It’s making us change our minds about going to the gym. LOL! “I would attend this gym,” said @getchicbynicole. This is in fact the only gym we would attend! Even his excited run into the gym would get us pumped to go, too. 

We love how Coach Boone went around the whole gym to check in on everyone. “Act right! Coach is here,” commented @forloveofmouse. That’s exactly what these gym-goers were thinking. As soon as they saw him, they knew they had to do their check-ins. That process is usually dreadful but it can’t be too bad with this coach! @user31012632 wrote, “He came in demanding progress status updates. Holding every one accountable!” That’s the way to do it! There’s a reason why he draws so much attention, he’s the best coach in the business. 

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Another commenter, @vintagecorey added, “*barks twice* YES COACH.” LOL! Apparently, a simple bark is all you need to get you pumping some iron at the gym. 

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