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Golden Retriever's Gentle Love for Baby Girl Is Enough to Make Us Tear Up

We're always so amazed at how gentle our pets can be with the newest babies in the family. We know it's always a concern for parents of how pets will react and adjust to a little human baby coming home. There's no doubt there is some jealousy as the fur babies used to be the center of attention. But a lot of times, they warm up to the newbie, taking them under their wing even. And no matter how many times that may happen, our hearts always melt.

So it's no different for this TikTok clip from @biancaxhenderson. She captured one of the sweetest moments we've ever seen between her Golden Retriever and little girl. This is the type of moment that the mom will remember forever. And now that we got to see it too, it will hold a special place in our hearts. The snuggling between these two alone will get you wishing this for your future. 

Aww! We can't stop smiling at how beautiful this video is. The doggy is snuggling right up against the baby. They both look so content. And the sweet licks the pup gives her is everything. It's almost as if each lick was telling the little baby, "I'll always be here." Ugh, now we're tearing up! 

TikTok users are absolutely falling in love with this clip. @Kate Russell said, "This is what I dream my future looks like ☁️." Ugh, we hope more than anything to have something like this! @Hannah Allen added, "How I hope my dog is with my baby." We think this is every parent's hope! A bond so beautiful that words don't even do it justice.

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"This MELTS my heart 💗😭," said @madison.mils. We have a feeling everyone's hearts are melting over this clip. It's just absolutely beautiful. And one thing we know for certain is what @Pet1960 Pete said, "He'll keep her safe always." They're besties for life already!

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