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Golden Retriever Tries to Get Away With Stealing Baby's Toys and We Can't Stop Laughing

Our fur babies bring us joy in so many ways, even when they're being a bit mischievous. TikToker and new mama @skinnyhangover got to witness this first hand when her adorable Golden Retriever decided he needed a furry friend of his own. That's right, he stole the baby's stuffed animal--the human baby, that is--and was as sneakily obvious as could be. 

To be fair, it's hard to move around undetected when you're this cute. He knew his mama was onto him pretty quickly, but that didn't stop him one bit. That teddy bear was meant to be his! 

What a little sneak! His attempts to be stealthy absolutely melt our hearts, and we could watch this on repeat for a while. In fact, we already have. Just like commenter @k8meurer noticed, the pup's tiptoeing "and the little trip on the stairs 🤣" are just the cherries on top of this amazing moment. We guess he really didn't want to be caught! 

"The way he turns back around to see if you’re watching 😂😂" is the funniest thing, and we loved it just as much as @kimberlymoss did. This Golden is so silly! He looks like he's having more fun being chased than anything else, which many pet parents can relate to. In fact, this whole scene pretty much screams 'Golden Retriever!'

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"My kids are 13,11 & 7 and my retriever is still stealing their stuffed toys despite having plenty of her own 😂," wrote @skyeelspeth. LOL! Yep, that definitely sounds like a Golden. If it's been going on this long they've probably accepted it by now, and we have a feeling the same thing will happen with @skinnyhangover and her dog! 

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