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Golden Retriever’s Reaction to His Brand New Back Yard Is Just the Best

Time to make a mental note when buying a house after watching this recent TikTok from @hankhastiktok. Don't worry about getting an open-floor plan or extra bathrooms. The only thing that should be on your wishlist is an outdoor space big enough for your furry bestie to run around. It would mean the world to them! 

Hank the Golden Retriever was surprised to hear he had a whole new back yard. And not just any back yard. A back yard that looked like a park and it was all to himself! In a recent video, Hank’s owners show him his new space for the first time, and it’s so stinking cute! They open the fence door to let Hank in. He’s a little hesitant at first since it’s new territory. But his reaction, once he realizes it’s all for him, is priceless!

Stop! He’s the happiest doggo in all the land! He really looked back at his parents to confirm that this was his new place. And once he got the go-ahead, he was full speed ahead! “Look at all the zoomie space,” wrote @seanabop. Hank wasted no time at all testing out his zoomies in the new back yard! Zoomies for days! 

“Omg his face like what?! This is all mine??” said @Collen Mcwilliams. He didn’t know what to do with himself. So much room for activities! @emjay3007 added, “The way he turns around to look at you both at the beginning, it’s like he’s asking, ‘For me!?’” All for you Hank! Such a good boy deserves all a space like this to enjoy. 

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“Adorable!!! Congratulations on the new place it looks perfect for your handsome doggy 😊,” wrote @Janette Titterton-Ni. We’d take this back yard in a heartbeat! There’s room to run around, trees, and even a porch for Hank to sunbathe. Or he can use it to beg for food when they eat outside. We just know he’ll never get sick of his new space! 

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