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Video of Golden Retriever Enjoying Her Ball Pit Is a Serious Timeline Cleanse

Oftentimes, dogs want to play outside all. day. long. We wish we could join them, but chores have to get done, errands have to be run, and someone has to work to pay the bills! So when you can’t go playing outside with your furry bestie, take the outside play inside. Problem solved! 

One mom worked smarter not harder to keep her TikTok dog entertained inside. She bought a plastic kiddie pool to make a ball pit, which is just absolutely genius! The Golden Retriever could NOT contain her excitement. The zoomies came in full speed ahead! You’ll want to watch this on repeat! 

LOL! Chloe was loving the ball pit. We would not want to get in her way, she might run us over! And with how much she’s jumping all over the place, there might not be any balls left in the pit because they’re flying all over the place. Whoops. Why do we feel like as soon as mom cleans it all up for Chloe, she’s just going to dive headfirst into the pit again? 

“This is so chaotic and I love it!,” commented @Wilson Shark the Cavapoo. The MOST chaotic but it’s amazing! There is a name for Chloe’s crazy playing that came from another user, “Barkour 😂.” OMG, that’s perfect!! “Oh my gawd he on x games mode,” added @Bri. LOL! 

@AkashaQuinn said, “That was worth every penny.” We just might have to try this to keep our pups entertained. No babysitter or dog walker needed, lol! “Aren’t dogs just great? They go around being off-the-wall nuts and everyone loves them for it 😂 ,” commented @Him/He/Your man. They’re the best. Seriously, anything they do just puts us in the best mood, and we can’t stop loving them!