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Golden Retriever's Refusal to Leave the Beach Is All of Us When It's Time to Go Home

Who doesn't love a beach day? You go swimming, build a sandcastle, and catch a tan. It's the perfect summer day. When it comes time to leave, you might be temped to dig in your heels and refuse to get in the car. At least, that's what one Golden Retriever did!

TikTok user @vegcyclist recently shared a video of her family's attempt to load their dogs into the car at the end of their beach day. In the video, one pup is already in the car, but a second one, Loula, stands firmly on the sidewalk. Eventually, she gets in the car, but it takes quite a bit of effort. Check out the video to see how they pulled it off!

LOL this is too funny! One of Loula's owners grabbed her around her hips and lifted her back legs unto try to propel her front legs forward with gentle pushing and leaning. When they got to the car door, she stood, unmoving, for several more seconds before jumping onto the car seat on her own accord. This is just too good!

People in the comments found Loula's refusal to leave too funny. @chowchowsblue said, "So sweet and funny, thank you for this video!" and @gregwells47 commented, "Dogs are so special, they always give us great laughs!" Funny dog videos certainly have a special way of cheering us up!

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Others found Loula's behavior very familiar. @lisavanstetsen commented, "The wheelbarrow technique. Ah yes. Have had to resort to that myself," and @rixm8 said, "I used to have a golden that was exactly the same! Just hilarious!" Dogs can definitely be stubborn when they don't want to give up something they love!

Loula clearly adores the beach. Hopefully she has many more days to have fun in the sun in her future!

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