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Golden Retriever Sweetly Puts Himself to Bed in Video We Absolutely Love

Many pet parents learn quickly that dogs are creatures of habit. From snack time to bedtime, predictable is always better for a pup. In fact, some dogs will get so invested in their routine that they become its enforcers! They'll be sure to let you know if you're even one minute late for dinner, and as for bedtime? You snooze you lose!

This hilarious Golden Retriever named Shadow is taking it to the next level, though. When his human mama @sarah__withanh decided she wasn't quite ready for bed, he took matters into his own paws. Even if he was a little peeved, it was worth it. She needed to finish her show! And honestly, who doesn't love a cute pup video like this?

We're not sure who we can relate to more--Shadow or Sarah! Finishing an episode and getting some shut-eye are both tempting options, but if you ask us, 8 PM seems a little early to hit the hay. Clearly it's a perfect time if you've been playing, barking, and pooping all day.

"Ugh you better watch the show tomorrow…😳😂," commented @readynow5555. We think Shadow would agree! Still, he seems pretty content letting himself upstairs to get ready for bed. Just look at "the tail wagging at the end of stairs 😂!" @Mommarfresh34 noticed this adorable detail, and we're forever grateful. 

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If anything, we're a bit surprised he didn't ask his mom to come with him! Commenter @innerglowstar said that "my dog will bully me with staring until it's bedtime if I stay up too late 😂." That's totally what we expected!

Don't get us wrong--we're not complaining one bit. Shadow is adorable AF, especially with his special bedtime blankie, and we just hope he slept well! 

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