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Video Showing Golden Retriever's Special Bond With Baby Girl Totally Made Our Day

If there was a type of video we could watch a million times over it would hands down have to be videos between pets and babies. We don't know why but those videos put the biggest smile on our faces. And this recent video from TikTok user @hallelovesminny is no different.

This TikToker shared a compilation video of the family's Golden Retriever and baby. The dog is laying down next to the sweet little girl and then before you know it, you see the two of them building a friendship unlike any other. We love these two! 

O.M.G. Does it get any more adorable than this?! The song fit so perfectly too. They really are two peas in a pod. And even the artist who sings the song this TikTok used commented on the clip. He wrote, "This is amazing." Retweet! 

It's seriously so sweet to see these two growing together. A beautiful friendship that is sure to last a lifetime. This baby's first friend is the dog and we couldn't love that any more. "Melts my heart!!!" said @Rodgers12Packers38. Ours too!

@nooooooor91 added, "That's the sweetest thing that I have ever seen." Right?! There are few things, if any, that are better than this. @Jody Abrams commented, "So great- best friends for life." We can't wait to see more of these lovely friends. 


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