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Video of Golden Retriever Enjoying Her Fancy Birthday Dinner Is a True Gift

Birthdays were always so special as a kid. It is now too, but somehow when you were little it was a bit more magical to celebrate. You got to celebrate with whatever dinner you wanted, followed by the best cake your imagination could drum up. There would be balloons, decorations and all your friends. It was a whole spectacular event. Even though some of us don't go all out now as adults, we at least get to live out the birthday magic now through our own kids and even our pets.

For instance, we're absolutely enjoying the birthday celebration of Tiktok doggo @daisythegoldiee. This very special Golden Retriever recently turned 2 and she decided to celebrate with all of us. The party was filled with what you'd expect - balloons, party hats and food. And by the looks of it, the best food ever. All we know is we've never had a fancier dinner than this birthday girl!   

Now, this has got to be the cutest birthday girl we've ever seen! Daisy was rocking a fancy bandana for the occasion, plus the cutest birthday hat we've seen. She was just making sure we all know it was her big day. LOL! 

We have to talk about her face when the food came out. She couldn't believe she was getting a whole steak for her birthday dinner! And it definitely didn't take her long to devour it. "All the good stuff first. So cute," commented @beachlover5678. LOL! We didn't even notice that she didn't touch those veggies until the very end. But hey, she still ate them! 

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"So prim and proper! Happy birthday, Daisy!!!" said @craigl77. The most proper dog we've ever seen, especially in front of a plate full of steak. We're so amazed at how calmly she waited for the food. Ugh, they just grow up so fast! But Daisy, and the rest of us, are still waiting on one thing. Where's her cake?!

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