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Video of Golden Retriever Boarding a Plane With Her Little Stuffed Animal Is Going Viral

We all need support sometimes— even our furry friends. For Emma, a Golden Retriever from Las Vegas, Nevada, all she really needs is her stuffed animal Penny as her constant companion. With Penny by her side, she’s strong enough to tackle any scary situation. Like in a video that recently went viral on TikTok, where she brought Penny with her on a plane and won applause from thousands of commenters online.

Emma was a brave girl when she boarded the plane. The footage shared by @ilovegolden_retrievers shows Emma, a service dog, carrying Penny in her mouth. As she enters the plane, the reaction from the flight crew is absolutely hilarious. Did we mention that Penny is a Golden Retriever, too?

Can you even? Emma is as sweet as it gets with her little stuffie. People who saw the clip were just as taken with Emma and Penny as we were. “You got your service dog and she got her service dog,” @yenir813 joked. “She boards better than most passengers 🥰, “ @felisha_ann5 added. “Brought her carry on,” @jekyllhyde_apparel wrote.

And some people praised the flight staff for being respectful of Emma while she was on the job. “I could feel the resistance from the flight attendant to pet! She's all... pupppppyyyyyy 😂 love it,” @mtn_hae commented. “Love the admiration without the touching. I’d literally have to sit on my hands in this case!” @lizjock agreed. “Me: ‘don't pet the doggie, don't pet the doggie, don't pet the doggie, don't pet the doggie,’” @jrenee2015 wrote in.

Later in the comments section, Emma’s owner wrote that she spent the plane ride with Penny in her special seat next to the window. But she clarified that Emma doesn’t need her “stuffie” to travel, “I just know she really loves it ,so I let her travel with it, and it doesn’t distract her from her work 🙂,” she explained. And really, don’t we all like traveling in comfort?