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Golden Retriever Relaxing to Music With His Bose Speaker Is the Definition of Chill

Sometimes, there's really just nothing more relaxing than kicking back and listening to your favorite tunes. And humans aren't the only ones who can appreciate a good music sesh. Wait until you get a load of a new TikTok video that was shared by @benjralphie. It totally proves that dogs have an affinity for music as well.

In the clip, you'll see the creator's Golden Retriever, Ben, and he's carrying something in his mouth. He goes over to the couch, climbs up onto it, lays the object down, and then proceeds to put his head on top of it. As it turns out, it's a Bose speaker, and apparently Ben is a huge fan of Chris Stapleton. Check it out.

Um, can you name a cooler dog than this? Go ahead. We'll wait. Ben is totally enjoying his Saturday morning, putting his paws up, taking a load off, and chillin' with his favorite tunes. You gotta love it. Commenters are getting such a kick out of this cool pup. One TikTok user, @chris said, "He's got great taste in music!" Another commenter, @beth.a.liza added, "His soul feels every word in every song... and some songs hit his emotions harder than others 🥰." Aww. We know how that goes! 

Then there was @missfluffyslippers who joked, "He was a musician in a previous life 😂." Hey, stranger things have happened, right? 

But wait. There's more. This video wasn't a one-time deal, as far as Ben and his Bose speaker goes. Nope. The whole account is dedicated to his musical adventures with it. And the latest video? Let's just say this baby already has a loyal friend for life!

And if you were curious about how Ben started carrying the speaker in the first place, this clip explains how it all began.

Oh, Ben. You've completely stolen our hearts! Keep the videos coming! (And hey Bose, you should really think about making this guy the company mascot.)