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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Breaking an Egg Is Absolutely Classic

One of our favorite golden boys is at it again with another one of his very honest reviews. @golden_goose7 has been blessing our TikTok timelines with hilarious clips of him dissecting different food items. And every single one has made us laugh. Goose gets thrown off in one of his newer reviews because he thought it was a ball at first.

Goose excitedly jumps up and down thinking he received a new toy. But after further inspection and a quick lick, he's completely disgusted. Goose ends up stepping on the so-called ball and breaking it. The egg on his face after it broke was too hilarious not to share!

The way he scrunched up his whole face is so adorable! It just adds to the video and really outlines his confusion. Poor guy had no idea this "ball" was breakable. "The look after he broke it and sniffed it was 😂," commented @Kimi Hilderbrant. Goose responded by saying "regret." Instant regret and a little bit of guilt probably. And we're sure mom wasn't too happy with having to clean up that egg! 

"The pounces are everything 😅, and his face at the end like 'Mom did u see that? It broke" 😳😂," said @Tiffany Searless. Goose probably has so many thoughts going on in his head like, 'What kind of ball is this?!' The only answer is what @richardhorowitz said, "Imposterball!😂😂." Or he is thinking what @Connor Rothwell wrote, "Oh good Lord, I'm a murderer!" Ha! Don't worry Goose, most of us break an egg or two for breakfast. 

TikTok users are ready for Goose to continue on with these egg-periments. One user suggests, "Give him another one and see what he’s learned!" Uh-oh! Hopefully, mom won't have to clean up again.😅 And @AJ said, "I wonder what he'd do with a peeled hard-boiled egg." Sign us up for the next egg review!