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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Human Brother Returning From College Is Heart-Melting

If you're sending your teen off to college this fall, you might be already tearing up at the thought of how much you're going to miss them. But you know who else will be be missing them big time? Your dogs. They love their human siblings so much! So imagine how happy two Golden Retrievers were when they saw their human brother walk in the door while home from school. 

We know that the pups were totally caught off guard when their brother came home recently because they had the biggest reaction when they laid eyes on him. "When your human brother comes home from college for the weekend after not seeing him for a while. You definitely need your volume up for Tucker's reaction," the video from @stellathewhitegolden's text overlay reads. Tucker in particular is so happy, you need to watch the video below to see how happy this little guy was. 

"Do you think he missed him?" the caption joked.

With over 85,000 views, people in the comments section were squealing at how cute this was. "So excited they don’t know what to do," @amrita.bharat teased. "They really missed their human brother!!" @sandport18 exclaimed. "My golden does that. No matter who walks in she’s excited and has to carry something around. A shoe, toy, bone, sock, it don’t matter it’s a gift lol," @dustin_nobody_bowler shared. "Awwwww.... When my daughter comes home from college her English Cream sisters go berserk," @empath17 added.

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We can't take it. It's so sweet! We know these two still wait for their bro to come home from school everyday. We're so lucky that we got to see this college student make his dogs' day.

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