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Video of Golden Retriever Bringing Burp Cloths to New Baby Touches Our Hearts

We all know dogs make wonderful siblings. They can be loyal, protective, and helpful when it comes to caring for their human counterparts. Sometimes when there is a new member of the family, the family dogs can be a bit weary about this big change at first, but once they adjust to the change, they can be amazing siblings. This Golden Retriever is no exception, and he is taking on his role of big brother with great care.

In the TikTok video posted by @mowatthillfarmtok, this Golden Retriever named Bailey is taking the initiative to bring burping cloths over to the new baby! This helpful pup is so sweet, and he is being the best older brother! Watch the video to see how sweet Bailey looks as he's lending a helping paw.

OMG, this is just so sweet. His cute tail wags as he is walking toward the camera show how happy he is to be helping with the baby. Good boy, Bailey!

People in the comments of the video could not get over how cute Bailey is! @dawnfawn82 called Bailey the "Cutest helper EVER!" and @charliepap423 said, "Gorgeous nanny you have." We have to agree that Bailey is a very cute babysitter!

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Others praised Bailey for his helpfulness! @boss3mom commented, "That's a really hard job there. You're doing so good, what a natural!" and @brittanyrayburn0 said, "He needs a raise! Amazing job!!" Bailey definitely needs an increase in his treat allowance for all of his hard work!

 Amazing job Bailey! We're sure your momma appreciates all of your help with the new baby.


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