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Golden Retriever's Gentle Interaction With Butterflies Is Simply Beautiful

Dogs are an absolute gift. They are so loving and accepting, and sometimes they can read a room like no one else. You may not even have to ask them to be gentle around a baby or a smaller friend. Even if this comes naturally to a lot of dogs, it never feels any less impressive. 

Bear the Golden Retriever is only the latest furry friend to win over TikTok with his gentle nature. He shows his sweetness firsthand when he meets a monarch butterfly, and it's positively precious. When you learn why this is so meaningful to Bear's mom, though, you might need a tissue.

What a beautiful moment! Bear is just the sweetest boy, and his brother from over the rainbow bridge is absolutely watching over him and their mama. There's no doubt in our minds.

There's also no doubt why the comments section of this video is blowing up as much as the video itself--it's touching so many people. @Ktina702 shared the perfect quote to pair with the clip: "'Butterflies are the Heaven sent kisses from an Angel. 🦋💖," while @thebernerbunch wrote, "Beautiful ❤️ I know the feeling— my current dog is completely different, but I have no doubt my heart dog sent him to me 🌈." That's so moving!

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While we join @kailagurgul "crying in the office," can we take a moment to appreciate Bear and his late brother's posing skills? Not only are they so gentle with the butterflies, but they're so still! 

We must not have been the only ones to appreciate the effort it took to learn this--both for @thatgoldendog and her pups. She followed up with a video tutorial showing how she trains her dogs to hold things on their nose, so you and your pup can learn this trick, too!

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