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Video of Golden Retrievers' Camping 'Slumber Party' Is Simply Irresistible

As fun as it is, camping is pretty exhausting. By the time you get to your spot and set up the tents, it's about time for a nap! That's exactly what happened when The Tripawd Twins, Ralph and Daisy, set out for a weekend of camping with their human parents. Their mama caught them catching Z's together in the tent, and it's pawsitively precious.

These Golden Retrievers had just hiked a long way to get to their campsite, so it's not unusual they were tired. They do have to work a bit harder only having three legs, after all (yes, they're both tripods!). What was so special about this video was the way they fell asleep so nicely in their sleeping bags. It's as if they were tucked in. Even their mama isn't immune to the cuteness -- just listen to her commentary!

We just can't get enough of these fur siblings! They both look so relaxed and cozy in their sleeping bags like there isn't a care in the world. TikTok user @elysemyets read our minds when she commented, "My tents came with zero sleeping dogs, and I want a full refund." You and us both! 

"I highly recommend returning those and getting the two dog model," replied @thetripawdtwins. "Sleeping husband inside, however, is optional 😂." Hey, we get it! Priorities, right?

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Many commenters were thrilled to see the pups after hearing their mama ask "want to see the cutest thing I've ever seen?" at the start of the video. "I was really worried it was going to be kids," @chaack240 joked. 

"I mean it is of my kids," the original poster responded, "but yes, the cute kind with three legs 😉🥰." We concur! It certainly is easy to tell which commenters are the pet-obsessed people out there, especially when they reply with something like, "funny, "cutest thing ever seen" -- kids never even popped into my head 😂." LOL, too funny,! But also...not false. 

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