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Golden Retriever's Fed-Up Reaction to a 'Candy Toy' Is Going Viral

There comes a time when everyone out grows all of their old toys. One day, your toys won't bring you the same joy they used to, or they will start to feel childish, and you'll put it away for the last time. One dog recently had this experience with one of his toys in a video that's going viral.

TikTok user @jn33s1z recently shared a vide of their Golden Retriever, Cuihua, being entertained by his parent with a toy. In the video, there's a candy toy that reveals a lollipop, and after one lick, it goes away for a few seconds. Check out the video to see what Cuihua does after a few licks of the candy!

LOL, this dog is too funny. He was annoyed with playing this silly game just for a lollipop, and told his parent to quit it! The caption says, "The dog is no longer three!" We guess this pup decided it was time to grow up and be mature.

People in the comments found this hilarious. @marchmadness4642 said, "Yeah, he finally had enough…LOL" and @tokfathertime commented, "I love when dogs get fed up." This is certainly a good moment to capture on camera!

Others thought Cuihua was too cute. @jackieburton811 commented, "Aww, such a cute facial expression!" and @orangebowl14 tagged their friend and said, "Look at this super cute dog!" True friendship is tagging your pals in all the cute and funny animal videos!

We can't get enough of this video. We feel bad that Cuihua was being teased with the candy, but he definitely had the perfect reaction. This dog did not want to be messed with, and he was kept his dignity intact!

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