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Golden Retriever's Reaction to Seeing a Car Wash for the First Time Is Epic

Pet parenthood is filled with all kinds of firsts, starting with the very first car ride home. Every new trip, new friend, and even new snack is documented and remembered fondly, but is every "first" a great experience? Nope!

When @__calliechristine first brought her Golden Retriever Finni for a ride through the car wash, she must've known he'd have a funny reaction. He seemed less than sure of the multicolored bubbles coating the car, but the way he looks at his mom has us dying of laughter. It may not have been his idea of fun, but TikTok certainly enjoyed it!

Aw, Finni, it's OK! We're not sure whether we'd be able to hold back the giggles long enough to comfort the poor boy, but at least he had his mama there to reassure him (and get this adorable video).

Needless to say, TikTok commenters like @jannp432 are loving "that face 🥰" this sweet dog gives his mom. How could you not get sucked right in? Those puppy dog eyes are a trick as old as time, but it's his mouth that really seals the deal. 

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"Awww his teefers on his lip ❤️," wrote @hermitgurl0. We're guessing they got her, too! It's certainly a unique facial expression--as funny as it is precious--but we wish we got to see his response to the rest of the car wash. @Aprilgrimes581 reminded us that if we thought this face was silly, just "wait until the roller starts." It would've been so good! 

Even just these few seconds of cuteness were enough to remind @air_jordanpeterson about his last car wash adventure with his pup. He commented, "My dog leapt into the front, stuck his paw through the lid of my coffee, and flung it everywhere." Ok, now that sounds chaotic! Callie must be so relieved Finni only made a funny face.

To make up for the traumatic experience, the sweet Golden was treated to a cool, outdoor bath to relax and refresh him. It may be just a kiddy pool in a yard, but Finni looked like he was in paradise!

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